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Your Wonderful World

With respect for clients' privacy we are unable to show samples of the memorial and funeral videos we have created.  

Memorial video services and funeral videos are a truly engaging way to honour and present the greatest moments of a loved one's past life.

Videos can be created using old cine films, videos, DVDs, photographs, mobile phone videos and using researched content together with emotional selected background music.

Our highly confidential and professional video editing service makes it possible to privately share a special memorial video with family, loved ones, close friends and with any who are unable not attend.  


It's about showing the engaging highlights of a loved one's past life.  

If you are interested and would like to discuss a potential memorial video, Phil at Your Wonderful World would be delighted to listen and talk to you to achieve the very best, so please give him a call on the number below:

Tel: 07968 973262

Memorial Video Service - Your Wonderful World
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